Love Rocks!

Benny Mardones

Benny Mardones is nicknamed "The Voice" due to his near four-octave vocal range and soulful, passionate delivery. Always on the make, benny continues his busy touring schedule performing songs from his new album entitled. "Let's Hear it For Love," as well as the classic "Into the Night," Still one of Benny's favorite songs to perform, "Into the Night" continues to be of the top 25 most played singles in the history of radio, gracing the airwaves over five million times. Mardones has enjoyed an extremely successful twenty-five years as a songwritter and showman. His ability to compose music that transcends generation gaps has much to do with his achingly honest lyrics and soulful delivery. He has shared the stage with Fleetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones, and has played alongside legends such as the Otis Redding band, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, John Fogerty and Johnny Cash.